Our History

Kichi Gala is a company located in Turkmenistan. History of Kichi Gala is beginning in 2015; when as a result of the union of several young entrepreneurs, a new strong company has emerged, currently occupying a leading position in exporting and importing products.

Kichi Gala has several production areas in Turkmenistan. Kichi Gala is recognized not only for its high-quality products; but also, excellent ratio of price and quality. Behind this is an effective, but simple strategy: without exception, all products are sold as a result of direct sales. It means that Customers buy directly from manufacturers. Therefore, all dealer margins disappear, without which it is impossible to imagine indirect sales through wholesale or retail trade with unjustified rising product prices.

Quality is not always expensive - see for yourself! Over the past 5 years, thanks to dedication and enthusiasm, the company has become a leading manufacturers, as well as it has started exporting various types of products.

In a short period of time, the company has become known as stable and reliable company, and has created a stable image on the market of manufacturers and suppliers of qualitative products. Inalienable parts of Kichi Gala are superior service, modern manufacturing and products adapted to customer needs. Service always stays on top - regardless of whether it is single or large order, delivery for a small business or a large corporation.